How to Apply for Enlistment?

  1. Applicant may apply online for the vendor registration/enlistment process by using Apply Online Link.
  2. Upload the scan copy of the following documents

    i. Type Approval certificate(TAC)/COP

    ii. Company Identification Number Certificate

  3. Enlistment/Testing One Time process has to be followed to check VLT device compatibility with backend system, with below steps:

    i. Vendor has to Tag a vehicle with testing VLT device temporary on VLT maker portal (

    ii. Vendor have to set the device for enlistment to the url and port as shared by Department.

    iii. Vendor may check it's enlistment/testing status on (Check VLTD Enlistment/Testing Status) with IMEI and Mobile number.

    iv. After Successful testing/Enlistment(One time process) and approval of the submitted application, user-id will be created and information will be communicated to the applicant.

  4. The password need to be changed immediately by the user vendor.
  5. Only one user id/vendor id password will be issued to a vendor on registered mobile number. The vendor may, create RFC/authorised dealer ids and passwords, if required.