How to Apply for Enlistment?

  1. Applicant may fill the vendor registration form. Click here to download the prescribed form.

  2. Send the scan copy of the following documents to Department

    i. Duly Filled Vendor Registration Form

    ii. Type Approval certificate(TAC)/COP

    iii. Company Identification Number Certificate

  3. Enlistment/Testing One Time process has to be followed to check VLT device compatibility with backend system, with below steps:

    i. Vendor has to Tag a vehicle with testing VLT device temporary on VLT maker portal (

    ii. Vendor have to set the device for enlistment to the url and port as shared by Department.

    iii. Vendor may check it's enlistment/testing status on (Check VLTD Enlistment/Testing Status) with IMEI and Mobile number.

    iv. After Successful testing/Enlistment(One time process) and approval of the submitted application, user-id will be created and information will be communicated to the applicant.

  4. The password need to be changed immediately by the user vendor.
  5. Only one user id/vendor id password will be issued to a vendor on registered mobile number. The vendor may, create RFC/authorised dealer ids and passwords, if required.